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The impact of the subtle

23 September 2023

In previous blogs we have told you about discreet or silent luxury . This is the trend that governs the Autumn Winter 2023 season, but it began to take shape some time ago. Although there was a season of boom and tribute to the logo, where observing contrasts and typographic games was everyday, for every trend there is a countertrend and today we find ourselves faced with a total absence of them.

It's time to forget about logos, noise and saturation

Recapturing the elegance of the 90's, quiet luxury has taken over all areas of fashion and lifestyle. It is not an easy trend to explain, as it takes the best of minimalism, but gives it a very peculiar twist: what is important is the essential, what things are truly made of.

Patricia model

This trend is being accepted by all generations, even the younger ones, which is very unusual. By not being represented by a brand, but by quality, people express their own spirit, their authenticity.

Beyond a trend, discreet luxury represents a lifestyle

Quiet luxury is not ostentatious or flashy, but places full priority on elegance and quality. The oversaturated textures of logos disappear and make way for a total cleanliness: we don't need to shout our inner beauty; It is quickly perceived by others, as well as self-worth and satisfaction at higher levels.

ophelia model

Natural and sustainable materials, together with high quality and luxury finishes are essential. This time, it is the subtle that speaks in an impactful way, but with a soft voice that does not boast, but silently emanates a force that will transcend the ages.

monte carlo model

To look fashionable this season, you will have to bring into your daily life all those classic pieces of good quality, with clean lines and impeccable pattern. You should also take care that the combinations remain in an evident line of sobriety, good taste, basic color palettes balancing the natural, the classic and the traditional to achieve an elegant and unforgettable outfit. Say goodbye to clothes with loud prints, electric colors and saturated motifs.

But how to bring this trend to a brand like Regina Romero? We must tell you that we have not brought it, but that we have it. For years we have focused on the importance of details and quality; for us, it is not an extra, but an obligation and a fundamental part of our values.

mirelle model

Our collections have always met the conditions imposed by this trend, since we are very interested in being not only the memory, but also the moment: creating models that you can keep in your closet for many years and for many years to come; creating a legacy with pieces that survive generations due to their qualities and permanence. Regina Romero's pillars coincide perfectly with the areas of this trend: quality, comfort, elegance and timeless and exclusive designs.

charlotte and odette models

All our collections easily meet the conditions imposed by this trend. However, in Fall Winter 2023, the details in manufacturing have been brought to a point of impeccable workmanship and surprising finishes thanks to the extraordinary work of our master shoemakers and we add the trend of silent luxury in several aspects.

Many of our models reveal masterful craftsmanship, like our Dalila .

Proof of this are several of our models, where the work in manipulating the skin speaks of a clear knowledge of the material and its treatment. Stitching, contrasts of shape and color, as well as contrasting lines and draping bring to your feet a work that is made with extreme care and almost devout dedication, due to the love that each creator gives to their own work.

nicole model

For example, the color palette of our collection is varied and covers the need to have timeless garments in the closet. There is no color that is not dressy or that has gone out of fashion in many years: black, neutral tones, blues, ranges of green, red, wine and brown are basic and will remain in use for many seasons.

Our mint models join a refreshing color palette

Added to this, the quality of the skins of a pair of Regina Romero is indisputable. The leather that will dress our shoes is carefully selected from hundreds of samples, considering color, texture and its suitability for the season. Our designer is a fundamental part of this process, as she knows that her creations will be worn with whatever is chosen.

mirelle model

For this season, we have leathers with deep textures that generate an impressive visual effect that perfectly harmonizes three of our senses: touch, smell and taste. The relevance of materials and finishes in silent luxury makes us read between the lines the quality of the soul through the products that dress our silhouettes.

monte carlo model

This time, and ironically, it is the subtle that generates a high impact in fashion; both in whoever saw it and in whoever looks at it. Quality, elegance and class are highly appreciated, but without making a fuss about it. It's time to put logos and ostentation aside, and we know it will be for a long time.

model miranda








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Andrea C. V.

Este estilo me encanta, el cual, es clásico para mi y mi closet y ahora de la mano con Regina Romero, me súper encanta y es un gran aliado para todas nosotras!!!



Me encantó


Marisa Aburto Alvarez

Me encanta este estilo, menos es más. Elegante , clásico y hermoso.



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