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Since 1984, we design and manufacture the best shoes in Mexico. Our experience and commitment of more than 1.5 million pairs sold support your purchase.

Elegant, tasteful, modern and timeless designs

Our founder, Regina Calzada de Romero, defined Regina Romero's DNA from the beginning: to design elegant, modern and timeless models. The goal is that you can wear your shoes for several seasons and that you are always current with elegant and tasteful designs. Some of our models have been in customers' closets for more than 20 years.

Today, we combine the design experience of several decades, with the freshness and youth of our designer Montserrat Vega, a graduate of the Marangoni Institute in Paris and the European Design Institute in Madrid, with experience in major brands such as Christian Dior, Ellie Saab, Alexander Wang.

"What I propose is footwear for the Mexican woman of today: a contemporary-timeless design, manufactured with European quality standards, and taking advantage of the thoroughness and passion of Mexican artisans." Regina Romero


Both in the design, as in the internal and external materials that we use (some of them imported from Italy and Spain) as well as in the manufacturing process, we focus on providing you with maximum comfort. We know how important your feet are and we want your Regina Romero to always be your most comfortable shoes.

We are constantly innovating and looking for the latest concepts and materials to increase comfort. Our goal is that you do not feel any discomfort when wearing your shoes.

Quality and durability

One of our specialties, in addition to design and comfort, is quality.

For us, quality means offering the best materials, the softest leathers and that our shoes have the same quality in materials and manufacturing as any international brand that sells similar products up to 10 times more.

We know that the choice of shoes says a lot about the woman who wears them, and we know that quality is not only a status symbol, but it is much more, it symbolizes good taste and above all the attention that a woman pays when wearing shoes. good shoes.

By manufacturing with quality and with good care on the part of the customer, a pair of shoes can last for several years.

Made in Mexico: Mexican Excellence.

We are proud of our country and since 1973, when we began to manufacture shoes (the Regina Romero brand was born in 1984), we understood and verified that Mexican hands can manufacture, with the right direction, shoes of the same quality as countries like Italy or Spain. .

As long as quality is not compromised, we use raw material made in Mexico and we are constantly requesting high quality standards from our suppliers.

Some of our materials are imported and this is due to the fact that although 250 million pairs are manufactured annually in Mexico, almost all of them are of inferior quality, so for certain components there are still no local suppliers that have the quality standard. what do we use.

International Brand

Mexico imports 3 times more shoes than it exports and being the ninth largest shoe manufacturer in the world, we believe that we should export more. For which we have hired the consulting services of an expert firm in the expansion of international brands in the US market.

Therefore, since 2018 we began our international expansion by attending the most prestigious fairs in the United States such as: FSNYE and Sole Commerce in New York, FN Platform at Magic in Las Vegas and the Atlanta Shoe Market in Atlanta.

Our international clients, mainly luxury brand boutiques and independent stores, are located in New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, California, Tennessee, Alabama in the United States and Canada and South Korea, Australia and Poland.

Technology and Sustainability

For the design and manufacture of our shoes we follow the tradition of the Italian school that dates back many years, however we complement it by using state-of-the-art technology both in internal materials, to ensure comfort, as well as in supplies that care for the environment.

With the same visionary spirit of our founder, it is that in this time of new technologies all our systems and platforms are digital. We use the most secure and modern digital platforms, both for our processes, as well as for online marketing and sales.

Values ​​and principles

We know and live clear values ​​and principles that we all share in the Regina Romero team.

Our Logo, which are 2 R's found symbolize the meeting of:

  • Delicate design with the strength of experience.
  • Manual and digital.
  • Italian school and Mexican hands.
  • Tradition and heritage with the modern and practical.
  • Elegance and sophistication in everyday life.
  • Value and luxury at a competitive price.

Those 2 R's found form a diamond, which is our logo that means:

  • Passion for doing things and doing them well.
  • Service, that dealing with us is always unmatched.
  • Quality, not only in the product but also in the experience when acquiring it.
  • Social responsibility and sustainability, both with you and with our collaborators and the environment.

Commitment, guarantee and personalized service

In 1984 Mrs. Regina Calzada de Romero opened her 1st. store personally serving its customers for many years, until she had to retire to take care of the health of her husband, Mr. Carlos Romero Huxley.

Today, her son Jorge Romero Calzada and her grandchildren Romina and Jorge Romero follow the tradition and teachings of Mrs. Regina of personally attending to clients and above all of endorsing the Regina Romero brand with her name.

"Fashion is nothing without a story, a vision and a commitment." - Regina Romero