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Summer sweetness: style guide

23 May 2023

by Mishiko García
Ataraxia (from the Greek ἀταραξία, "absence of disturbance") is perhaps the most appropriate word to capture the serenity that perfumes the summer air of this season. Little by little we have moved towards a balance built after chaos.

tamara model

Our circumstances led us to create a virtual world that gave us security and it is that optimism that now makes us think of sensory colors that move between nature where we connect with what is important and our digital world, where we are safe.

After going through a spiral of turbulence, we have finally reached a moment of lightness and clarity, where fashion - which always creates from our environment - will give us its own tools to let go of all those overwhelming emotions and express our new feelings.

cilia model

Fashion is never far from us. That is why the Spring Summer 2023 trends dance in bright and smooth colors. Pastel colors reflect stability, balance and imperturbability, but they have also filled us with joy. A kind of happiness that lives in clouds and silks that protect us and allow us to express ourselves. The trust we finally built in the digital space has inspired these dreamy nuances and translates to our everyday lives.

romi model

The main tones of this season, although delicate, can represent a risky decision. And it is not easy to achieve a state of peace, but it is time to enjoy it and here we tell you how to integrate these colors into your daily life.

cora model

left Tamara model / right. astra model

If there was a winning tone that was the favorite of our pastel range, it is undoubtedly pink. You can read a little more about it in our blog "Romantic Magnetism" . This color is the best option to start with pastels because, in addition to being beautiful and delicate, it combines perfectly with other colors in the range, such as blue and green.

left cora / right model . romi model

left model aline / right. claudine model

One way to mitigate the sweetness of cakes, but not turn it off, is white. White, with all its association with luxury and purity, creates a solid pact with soft colors, fills them with light and balances them.

left model aline / right. pia model

left simone model / right. aline model


Green and pastel blue represent the most transcendental searches for the vortex that we so wanted to get out of: the health and serenity of water. Both tones have been perfectly integrated into all the season's clothing and footwear, even in their metallic versions.

left rania model / right. lizzy model

alda model

Pastel yellow has also been another of the season's favorite tones. It is the color closest to the neutral tones that help us so much; In addition, they can be combined with shoes and bags with interesting textures to provide a high-impact contrast and they go super well with their complement this season: digital lavender.

cecy model

rania model

Wearing a single color with a contrasting accent can be the key to a balanced look that doesn't risk too much, but is easy on the eye. Pastels, although soft, have a message that opens an exciting path to adventure, so this may be an option to integrate them into your wardrobe.

left cora / right model . krysta model

Models: Astra (left), Claudine (center) and Tamara (right)

This is the favorite of women who balance modernity and elegance. The reintegration into office work life brought with it the power suit trend . If monochrome suits reflect strength and energy, pastel colors give them a comforting closeness. Of course, what better if your shoes elevate and empower you even more.

cilia model

It is time to reflect the care we have given to our spirit. Make these warm, relaxing tones yours, which feel like getting lost in a place and enjoying the spring flowers. The joy and sweetness of this season's colors are a caress that envelops those who wear it and those who look.

lizzy model











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Me encantan todos los tonos y modelos, ame la narrativa del artículo 💖


Alberto K.

Gran artículo! Me pareció muy interesante cómo la moda puede reflejar nuestras emociones y cómo se pueden utilizar los colores pasteles para expresar equilibrio y felicidad. También grande la idea de integrar un solo color con un acento que contraste para un look equilibrado y agradable a la vista. Y muy padres los modelos de Regina Romero, ya vi varios para regalarle a mi novia!



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