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movie shoes

6 June 2023

by Mishiko García

There are shoes so memorable that they transcend eras; Sometimes, some shoes even respond to the needs of their historical moment. There are shoes that have been reinvented time and time again and will never cease to be fashion references, such as classic Converse, Chanel's two-tone shoes and Ferragamo's rainbow platforms.

But just as there are shoes that transcend eras, there are some that with just a few minutes on screen, manage to go down in history; But what happens with these pairs that provoke us into a frenzy and forcefully burst into our panorama?

Sometimes, it is the main character of a series or movie who has a magnificent wardrobe full of pairs that captivate us. Either way, these shoes are carefully created for the moment they appear. For example, the iconic Manolo Blahnik worn by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City when Mr. Big proposes to her. So unforgettable for the moment they represent! This is how these models remove the veil that makes up the fourth wall, forming a placid memory in our memory.

In this blog, we want to talk to you about those shoes from movies and celebrities. And of course, in addition to presenting them, we will give you our Regina Romero suggestion that, although it is not a replica, will be an evocative model with the elegance and comfort that characterizes us, in addition to going with seasonal trends.

mon model

A pair of low-heeled slippers with a stunning texture made from red sequins carried Dorothy on her long journey in the land of Oz. Their value was such that they are considered one of the most valuable objects in the history of cinema. They have been reinvented and even stolen, the latter in 2005, to be recovered 13 years later by the FBI.

tamara model

Audrey Hepburn is one of the greatest fashion and style references in all of history. It is so much so that it is even a reference in other productions, such as the famous series Gossip Girl. There are three looks that we cannot forget in her career: the first, when she used moccasins to dance in the movie "A Face with an Angel"; the second, when she introduced ballet flats to her outfits, revealing her previous relationship with dance; and, finally, the most memorable, Holly Golightly's black dress from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"; accompanied by his kitten heels of the same color.

penny , polina and lili models

The science fiction film "Barbarella" did not have the successful reception that was expected when it was made; However, it is a quite visual film and praised for its photography, special effects and costumes. The extraordinary Jane Fonda left us speechless with spectacular silver boots that revealed a clear feminine line in the film.

madeleine model

From 1990 to 1997, Diana and Jimmy Choo were mutual favorites. During the last seven years of the princess's life, the designer and Lady Di worked together to create unique pairs, thus achieving a cult collection that is remembered to this day.

astra (left) and rania (right) models

One of the most memorable photographs is undoubtedly that of the legendary Marilyn Monroe in her dress and white sandals from the film "The Seven Year Itch", next to Fred Astaire. Every detail of this scene is proof that cinema transcends eras... and so do shoes.

my model

An unforgettable story for the song that titled it and for its scenes, as well as for its outfits, is the classic "Pretty Woman", starring two of the most prominent personalities of Hollywood in the 90's: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. However, we have to accept that the most memorable shoes from that movie are Vivian Ward's stunning black patent leather boots.

paola model

The charismatic lawyer Elle Woods had an extraordinary collection of pink tones and how can we forget her predilection for sandals.

models claudine and pia glam

And as final proof that Regina Romero will always help you create an iconic look, we can tell you that we are proud to dress celebrities—who in the end are the focus of series, movies and events—who have realized that we will always be a great option .

raquel and gladys model

model Alais (left) and Michelle (right)







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Mónica González Camacho

Lo que me gusta de la marca Regina Romero es que a además de ser de mi gusto y estilo, soy súper cómodos … por mi trabajo y gusto de vestir los uso por más de 8 hrs continuos y son tan cómodos que facilitan mi andar por otro lado la talla es muy atinada, es difícil comprar zapatos en línea por el riesgo de que a pesar de ser la talla específica no te entallen correctamente, esta marca es perfecta, son zapatos mexicanos para mujeres mexicanas y por ende para quien quiera



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