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Get back on your feet

15 July 2023

by Montserrat Vega A.

Many of you already know me. I am Montserrat Vega, creative director of Regina Romero, and on this occasion I wanted to write this blog to share with you a recent experience that I had and that has not only left me infinite learnings, but has also been the beginning of a new source of inspiration for future collections.

In April of this year, exactly three months ago, I had an accident and fractured my foot. It has been a long road of recovery. At first I had to wait a couple of weeks and, when that was over, they had to operate and put nails in the fifth metatarsal of my right foot. So far it has been three months that have seemed like an infinity. And, what irony: the shoe designer with a broken foot.

It has been a lot of helplessness, a lot of pain, a lot of despair, and many times in which I did not see the end. I know there are worse things and thank God I will be able to recover, but it is incredible how your life can change in a second, and how there are so many small things that we take for granted that are truly miracles and blessings.

aura model

I had to learn to walk again. To this day I have not been able to put on any of my shoes; my foot lost its shape and swells easily; and, because of the metals they put on me, the width of my foot changed. I, as a designer and obviously as a woman, have been having a very hard time. For the last few months, an orthopedic boot has been accompanying me, and on the other hand, any of my sports shoes.

polina model

They talked to me a lot about interpreting my fall as a necessary total stop in my life, as a kind of self-aggression; like not being firm about what I say and what I do, even about being exhausted, or that it was like a cry for help that I had repressed in me, and thousands of other explanations that I was thinking about and important in these months of rest .

reni model

Today, I realize that I was none of them and that, at the same time, they were all of them. The important thing was never why my accident happened, but rather what I was going to find in the end: that important realization that was going to come to me as I emerged from recovery. This is what I want to share with you today.

calypso model

Our feet symbolize our strength, our decision, our dreams and goals, our trajectory, the things we run away from, the people we follow, the moments where we stop, the movements we dance, the weight we carry, the stairs we carry. we climb. They are our foundation, our base, our structure.

claudine model

The important thing is to be able to walk alone, without needing crutches for support or a cast to protect us. With the highest heels or the most comfortable loafers, in any color, but always stepping firmly; without needing anyone by your side, without fear of falling or failing, because inside you know that you will always be able to get up again and start again.

regina model 105

I hope that my words can resonate in some fragment of your lives, that what inspires me most in the world is knowing what each of the shoes I design represents for you: hope, relief, motivation. I know you have thousands of stories related to Regina Romero shoes that I don't know, but believe me, I feel it in my heart, and that is a huge driving force to always move forward.

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Laura Esthela

Muchas gracias por compartir lo que te sucedió y super obstáculos y enfatizar que una mujer es más que un par de hemosos zapatos.
Me encantan sus diseños y sobre todo que involucran a todas las mujeres según su necesidad y gustos..Yo señora de 70 años y operada de mis dos pies no puedo llevar tacón pero ustedes tienes zapatos increibles y comodos.



Saldrás adelante, pasé una experiencia similar, “Reaprender” a caminar, pocos lo entienden.
Intensifica tu terapia de rehabilitación, la inflamación pasa en un año o dos.
Se tiene miedo… no he vuelto a mis tacones de antes pero es una oportunidad para pensar en otro segmento de mujeres.
Tú éxito sí que está firme.


Elizabeth Soto Soval

Monserrat yo e sentido el estar limitada y con dolor tambien tuve una fractura,pero gracias a Dios salí adelante tu un na mujer con talento y creativa deseo que te recuperes totalmente y disfrutes de tus diseños que están hermosos ánimo te sugiero estar siempre cerca de Dios que es médico del alma y el cuerpo




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