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Powerful Geometry

19 April 2023

by Mishiko García

At the beginning of the century, a footwear trend emerged that was as novel as it was risky. Even so, the lines that make up this silhouette refer to a previous era. It was not easy to adapt to a shoe that broke all the molds, but its versatility gradually dominated trends and eras. Square toe shoes have been a revolution since their origin and in all the seasons they have taken over.

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Forty years before, in the 60's, one of the most activist decades in history, this figure had dominated catwalks, shop windows and all women's closets, as they perfectly adapted to the guidelines of that time: vintage dominating art , architecture, design and, consequently, fashion; but always breaking traditional patterns.

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In the last two years, the square toe is back to stay. But why do we like it so much? We are talking about a shoe that has it all: it denotes elegance, combines many materials and is quite comfortable.

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Square toe provides more room and comfort for your toes. Your progress with them will be full of poise, strength and security at every step. It's a question of geometry. The feet are accommodated in such a way that walking is much simpler and, therefore, full of grace.

reginaromero-blog-powerful-geometry-MATI mati model

As if that were not enough, it is a powerful shoe that will undoubtedly transform you into a protagonist. Overflowing with verve, courage and audacity at its peaks, this footwear adapts to any style and gender; That is why we can find this silhouette in sneakers, moccasins, sandals, boots, etc., but also in shoes for men and women. His energy was appropriated in every possible way.

reginaromero-blog-powerful-geometry-LUA lua model

And within its forms, there are also the different styles that it accompanies. It's easy to imagine square-toed sneakers that elevate a power suit for the office, but also fun footwear that has hints of 70's groovy chic .

Read: "Groovy, one flies to the seventies."

reginaromero-blog-powerful-geometry-CORA cora model

The key to these shoes is that they create a magnificent balance of volumes. It won't matter your body shape, your style or the heel height you choose. In any situation, they will be a strong boost to your character. They are impeccable and match with everything.

reginaromero-blog-powerful-geometry-PIA pia model

In each of their turns, square-toed shoes once again define elegance; a functional elegance that reconfigures the meaning of good dressing.

reginaromero-blog-powerful-geometry-LUA lua model

So, this season and from now on, you can bet everything on footwear with a square toe and immerse yourself in this powerful geometry because today, and surely in a few years too, they are and will be basics in your wardrobe if you want to become a specialist. of fashion.

reginaromero-blog-powerful-geometry-CORA cora model

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