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28 November 2020

Throughout the centuries, human beings have overcome the different challenges that nature puts to us. From natural disasters to global pandemics, like the one we are experiencing today, men and women manage to survive and adapt to the challenges that we find along the way.

Fashion , which is a completely human creation , is no exception. In the last year , the world of fashion has undergone a radical change to accommodate our new reality. We have spent most of our time at home. As expected, our preferences in clothing, footwear and accessories are focused on comfort, versatility and durability.


However, the fact of wanting to feel comfortable does not mean that many of us continue to look for quality, elegant items with incredible designs that work for our lifestyle. At Regina Romero we have always focused on fulfilling both points . Although we know that our platforms and sneakers are very comfortable, we are also aware that not all women like to wear heels to be at home.

This year's events took us by surprise, like everyone else, and prompted us to turn our collections around and focus on the design of flat shoes , such as loafers and Bostonians. Today the "Mules" or undercut shoes join our family. This quirky design was popularized in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a staple on the Sex and the City series . Today, they have re-emerged as a new staple in the wardrobes of celebrities and fashion bloggers around the world.


At Regina Romero we have more than 40 years of experience creating and modifying our lasts to fit especially the feet of Mexican women. However, creating a special last for this type of shoe was quite a challenge . We are faced with a different type of fit since, since there is nothing holding the heel, it is very easy for the foot to come off.


We had to adjust this model several times , this is one of the most important steps, my father (Carlos Romero Huxley, RIP) always said “ shoe is written with “h”, with “h” for last . The first time the sample arrived, the tip was very short and did not provide the necessary support. On another occasion the bolster was very narrow and the foot did not enter completely; One the last few times, the heel was very wide and the foot came off easily. But we didn't give up and finally managed to find the perfect balance between design, comfort and elegance.


In addition to the timeless and elegant design, this model has all the elements of "JARC" technology . The leather sole maintains all the durability of this material, but is specially treated with a rubber injection to make it more flexible. Memory foam insoles that give you support and comfort so you can walk all day without getting tired. Not to mention the internal structure that has a cotton interlining that helps the shoe never lose its shape.


For us , the opinion of our clients is the most important thing . We are always on the lookout for your suggestions. That is why we are very proud to present this new model to you. We are sure that it will become one of your favorites , not only for its elegant timeless design , but also for its comfort, practicality and versatility.


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Mirna Melo F.

Me interesan los destalonados ( mules) cuál es su precio y en qué colores vienen.


Mirna Melo

A partir de cuándo estarán disponibles los mules y cuál sería su costo?



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