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Transparencies: a visual journey to authenticity

18 May 2024

Since time immemorial, mystery has attracted us. We love to see, but we are even more attracted to what we do not see. As seekers of balance, we are fascinated by what allows us to peek out a little, because later we will want to discover more. Our gaze and our senses allow themselves to be enveloped by that which calls us, while showing us only a first exit of its essence. A subtle sample is a perfect dose to want to drink more of an elixir that seduces us.

Phoebe Dynevor, star of the Bridgerton series, wore this trend at the MET Gala 2024

But beyond the sensuality that transparencies evoke, they have been a valued concept in many industries. In fashion, particularly, they have taken on a special meaning. We no longer speak only in its most literal sense, which involves clear and diaphanous materials, but also in the way in which brands communicate their processes and ethics at all levels.
Brands that conform to the slow fashion model and whose ethics cover their workers with an ethereal mantle, are much more appreciated today, for their quality, the durability of their products and, above all, for showing what they truly are. just like transparencies.
Lika model

Historically, materials such as organza and tulle have had a strong presence and their meanings are so powerful that they are reflected in various pieces of Art History. It is enough to see the marble sculptures whose treatment inspires us with a silk that reveals faces and some parts of the body, or adheres to them in such a way that we forget that we are seeing solid rock.

On the left, the painting “Portrait of a Young Woman in White”; on the right, « The Veiled Virgin », by Giovanni Strazza

In painting, for example, there is the case of a portrait made by an anonymous artist from France in 1798. The " Portrait of a Young Woman in White " shows us a lady who has incorporated transparencies in a striking way into her work. locker room. The thin layer of fabric à la sauvage , a style named after the writer Louis Sébastien Mercier, brought to light all the charms usually kept as secrets.

brigitte model

And today, in addition to the materials already mentioned, there are also plastics and synthetic resins that have allowed designers to create pieces that become true jewels; works of art that merge, while highlighting, the sinuous lines of the human and, above all, the female body, thus exploring a path that interacts like a delicate pendulum that draws a swing between the hidden and the revealed. It is a charm and example of timeless femininity.

Robin model

An aura of mystery has once again scented the air of spring and summer 2024. Transparencies, with their seductive and sophisticated touch, once again flood the catwalks this season. But why are we turning to them again?

SS24 walkways

Transparencies empower. Every trace of the pandemic, that tragic event that crumbled the world, begins to dissolve like a drop of ink that is lost in a huge body of water. The force to live again intensifies... we want to go out, to find again what we were before this bitter period, to feel powerful, seen and desired; to get involved again in evenings where we resume the game of seduction, of flirting, showing who we are. Fabrics such as organza, lace, chiffon, tulle, dress our skin and, essentially, reveal our personality; everything that for so long was hidden behind windows, pauses, silences and other spaces of security.

Montse Vega

And, of course, in this long season of introspection, the games of seduction and flirtation have also undergone a quite praiseworthy transformation for women. As time passes, we reaffirm that women do not dress to please men. If we see the specific cases of use of transparencies, on red carpets or in magazine photographs, we appreciate women with overwhelming, strong personalities, with a high degree of independence who will seek almost everything, except approval. An outfit with transparency elevates a woman, makes her feel incredible as if she does not belong to this world, but rather forges her own and forms a new way of covering herself, a second skin; a kind of paint that permeates each body, filling it with confidence and mastery over itself and its universe.

Mitty model

There is, in the transparencies, a strong connection to a total mental freedom that rejects complexes, a detachment of character and a brutal power of decision. This time, we are the women who have always been dressed in a sensual way, deciding for ourselves to cover ourselves with these garments. We have the ability to decide and we handle the pleasure of letting others look at our desire.

SS24 Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show

All of the above, as a fashion trend, also translates to footwear. We saw it previously, from other seasons, where transparent heels abounded. These heels, in some way, were as if they elevated our true essence, as if we were flying while leaving a mark and tracing our path, with the lightness and weight to achieve it all.

Amina Muaddi and Aquazzura shoes, respectively

But now, the trend is much more powerful and has been applied in more beautiful and ingenious ways, thanks to the energetic turn that this trend has taken, but also to the implementation of the materials that we saw at the beginning.

Robin model

The ethereal nature of the transparencies on our feet can be seen in an incredible power: by revealing a little of our feet, we not only demonstrate that regal power and magnificence in our confidence, but we also reveal a little of our steps. Again, we retain the absolute pleasure of the gaze we captivate.

Cher, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Birkin, respectively

From the futuristic designs of the 60's and some key fashion moments such as Marilyn Monroe's dress singing Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy, or the transparent dresses of Jane Birkin, Cher and Kate Moss, to the recent collections of greats fashion houses like Chanel and Prada, transparent shoes have evolved from being an almost incomprehensible rarity to becoming an object of mass desire. These designs allow us to create a game that challenges the perception and structure of the footwear itself, making different elements, such as supports and ornaments, take on sumptuous visual prominence.

Juliette model

Transparencies, as we mentioned previously, offer a seductive and sophisticated touch. Using them in various elements of our wardrobe can be suitable for events that require our maximum elegance, due to their sensuality; or we can simply integrate them as a reinvention of our daily life, giving our style a much more challenging and daring direction.

Lika model

A good pair of shoes with transparencies can give an ethereal and sexy image, a sensuality that moves naturally, but forcefully, when combined with other clothes. Remember that transparencies help highlight the part of the body they cover and reveal, so it is best to integrate them in specific places, in those places where you want to direct your gaze. Shoes turn out to be a great ally, as they can be the protagonist with transparencies of a look that refers to sensuality and, at the same time, they are very safe to integrate this trend if you do not want to risk too much.

models René and Axel

But beyond leaving imagination, sensuality and our dramatic side that struggles to stand out a little, transparent shoes have other meanings. Or at least, at Regina Romero, we want to give it to you.

Lika model

The mirror shows us, often in a distorted way, what we believe we are. We see the physical form reflected, but we see it through our own filters, our judgments and prejudices. Instead, with transparency, we see what it really is. The filter is much lighter and it is much easier to get rid of it, since the filter itself wants to show what is behind it.

René model

For us, there are cultural and philosophical meanings in these pieces that unite transparencies and opacities. Transparency in a pair of shoes speaks of authenticity, a virtue highly valued in today's society. And revealing one's own body has an unprecedented power: transparency is not only sexy, but also revolutionary and of extraordinary power. Revealing part of our feet, or the internal structure of the shoes, can easily be interpreted as a beautiful metaphor for showing who you really are.

model Suki

This last value is magnetic in an era of liquidity, where everything changes by the minute and where authenticity lives in few spaces. The true being is a scarce matter, or at least one that does not manifest easily. Our era is conducive not only to it being hidden but, on other occasions, to being almost impossible to discover. Without total visibility, transparency also reserves a space for mystery and seduction, since not everything is completely shown. A balance of intrigue protects, while giving clues to our best way to seduce: our own essence; that which makes us unique as women and, above all, as people.

Robin model

Translucent slogans not only have powerful psychological meanings, but also challenges for anyone who wants to integrate these trends into their collections and offer them as key elements of a wardrobe.

Lika model

Manufacturing see-through shoes presents unique challenges, primarily related to the choice of materials and the durability of the pairs. Transparency reveals, but its ethereal and thin character involves a certain fragility, like that which we accept by showing a little of our being.

Suki model

The use of plastics, in an ethical industry, can be somewhat controversial. But the advance in various materials to configure biodegradable and recycled materials helps mitigate the environmental impact. In short, the production of this type of footwear requires specialized processes to ensure the aesthetics, durability and functionality of our shoes.

River model

Fortunately, consumers have responded very enthusiastically to shoes that feature these delicate details, seeing them as a novel and purposeful way to express their individuality.

Rene model

Many of the advertising and marketing campaigns that highlight the qualities of transparencies also tend to focus on purity and technological innovation, attracting a select audience fortunately increasingly numerous that values ​​and seeks firmness and equity between ethics and aesthetics behind each of their fashion choices.

There is no uncertain future for shoes with ornaments or transparent wholes. Emerging technologies, such as 3D printing and smart materials, aim to take this trend to new levels of personalization I show what I want them to see and sustainability. Furthermore, continued consumer demand for products that balance novelty with environmental responsibility and work ethic suggests that transparency will continue to be a desirable feature in footwear design; a symbol of truth for those who create, those who manufacture and those who dress.

René model

Lightness and boldness balance with finesse, challenging conventions and opening the way to warm discussions around femininity, sensuality and empowerment. This provocative aesthetic goes beyond a simple style choice: an ethereal fabric makes us engage in dialogues about expression, freedom and accepting the female body. The conversation, once again, opens for us.

River model

It is clear that this enormous fascination with transparent shoes goes far beyond a passing trend, but is a reflection of a profound broader cultural shift towards authenticity and transparency in all areas of life: it is revealing our being. , our skin, our mind and essence. This walk towards the diaphanous, towards calm waters, not only redefines the aesthetics of footwear, but also encapsulates a resplendent desire for much more transcendent sincerity, for clarity for our souls and our paths in an increasingly complex world; but, above all and perhaps most importantly, do the best we can do with our own lives: be who we really are.

Suki model









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