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Spring Summer 2023 Trends

22 February 2023

By Mishiko García

In terms of fashion, at this time of the year, we can no longer say that spring is approaching; Quite the opposite: it is already here. Spring-Summer 2023 has been revealed in small and notable flashes, but what do you need to understand it and, above all, to wear it? Here we leave you all the details about this season's trends.


The first thing to understand is that this season is governed by the binary. We will see multiple contrasts that work in synergy, that coexist in the same universe and harmonize despite their total differences: the real and the virtual, the natural and the artificial, the slow and the fast, and so on.


This season invites us to explore the unknown, to open ourselves to the idea of ​​universes that exist at the same time as ours, always with positive energy and with a contemplative and rational outlook. The intangible will finally be touched by materializing in nature and in the social environment; therefore, in fashion. The possibilities that this season offers us are infinite and unrepeatable.

reginaromero-blog-trends-spring-summer-2023-LIZZY lizzy model


In fashion in the 2000s, minimalism led to a fusion of colorful, optimistic and carefree trends. Less is more, but more colorful. The basic thing to understand this time is the feeling of relaxation and casual looks, but in a serenity full of color a color that you could almost smell and designs that stand out, that have a very attractive point to the eye. It is not for nothing that we are surrounded by tones as intense as luscious red or intense greens as soft as pastels.

reginaromero-blog-trends-spring-summer-2023-TAMARA tamara model

Some attribute this return to the effects of the pandemic, since in our confinement we explored series and materials related to various historical moments. Fictions opened a way for us to a world that existed, but is now unreal. As part of the decor, all-over glitter, prints, baggy clothing and vibrant colors are making a comeback.

reginaromero-blog-trends-spring-summer-2023-ALINE aline model


We already said that the 2000s are back and one characteristic that we cannot leave aside is the striking. As for shoes, one of the strongest trends is that everything is macro. Mega platforms are at their peak and are dedicated to leaving their mark. The enormity no longer absorbs us, now we clothe it.

reginaromero-blog-trends-spring-summer-2023-AURA aura model


One of the most anticipated films of this year is, without a doubt, Barbie. The doll that will be played by Margot Robbie has become a new muse and this has left a deep mark on fashion, defining it as one of the most desirable trends for this season. The rule of this trend is to dazzle with pink, from head to toe.

reginaromero-blog-trends-spring-summer-2023-KIANA kiana model


As part of the fusion between the real world and a new virtual reality, the metaverse will be a major influencing factor for this season's trends. Metallic colors flood the designs of clothing and footwear as our gala entrance to this new world, but without forgetting that we are still present in our known universe.

reginaromero-blog-trends-spring-summer-2023-CALIPSO calypso model

The metaverse is generating a strong evolution in fashion. In the near future, we will no longer only choose clothes from our closet, but dressing will be about choosing the way that can represent you at all times. This will be a new way to make our identity clear. Many prestigious brands have begun to collaborate with the digital world.



The fashion industry is undergoing radical changes in how it is presented and how it is sold. Products reach more people and in less time thanks to digitalization and online shopping platforms have had an impressive boom in recent years, due to their practicality and the influence of the pandemic.

reginaromero-blog-trends-spring-summer-2023-BEBAY baby model

Social networks are also part of this evolution. In them it is promoted, discovered, shown and lived. All this is reflected in the shapes and colors of SS23 clothing and shoes.

reginaromero-blog-trends-spring-summer-2023-RANIA rania model


Finally, the fact that we want to explore other worlds also opens up a deep desire to preserve ours as part of our identity and our history. Sustainable fashion is imposed so that we urgently get rid of the dreaded fast fashion . Luxury items that will last in various spaces support one of the contrasts that mark this season: they require that the natural and the artificial coexist in total harmony.


Now that you know the must-haves for spring-summer 2023, join this season's trends and discover yourself in new worlds.

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Están increíbles la mayoría de los diseños, me encantan, quisiera tener muchos de ellos!!


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Soledad Rodriguez

Están muy bonitos los modelos y colores, solo que sería conveniente que los hicieran un poco más anchos de los dedos para que no aprieten




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