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Press day SS24

1 June 2024

Press Presentation of the SS24 Collection

View of our physical boutique on the day of the presentation
As in every season, after the hard work of creation and elaboration by our peers, the day comes when we open a space to finally show it to the world; and behind that door, we celebrate timeless elegance. Spring Summer has been no exception, and in an event that fused fashion, elegance and sophistication, Regina Romero presented her long-awaited Spring Summer 2024 Collection in Mexico City.
On May 23, a select group of journalists, celebrities and influencers from the fashion field met with us to learn more about the new creations of our iconic brand, founded four decades ago and which continues to be synonymous with quality and exclusivity. . This exceptional space was the meeting point for a unique visual and sensory experience in the world of Mexican footwear.
The Spring Summer 2024 Collection is an ode to the historical archives of the Regina Romero house, where the great classics are reinvented with a contemporary touch.
It is precisely this year when the brand reaches its 40th anniversary, so a look at the past, fused with seasonal trends and with a special accent of transformation, is the common thread of this collection. We can see classic silhouettes dressed in risky leathers, or touches of color and deep textures, which reinforce the image of a new woman, with a classic and elegant essence, but always living in the present.
Montse Vega at the event
In the words of our designer and Creative Director, Monserrat Vega, «… this collection is made up of a variety of models designed to withstand the passage of time and be loved for years.
“The diversity of options not only reflects the impressive creativity of the brand, but also responds to the needs of our clientele.” Our collection is evidence that our clients have been loving the treasures in their wardrobes that carry the Regina Romero diamond for forty years.
The collection's color palette is as varied as it is impressive, spanning neutral to vibrant tones, in textures and leathers ranging from understated to bold surfaces. « This collection seeks to last over time through its key fashion and prestige pieces; Each shoe is a manifestation of the brand's commitment to lasting design, quality and sophistication. » , added Vega.
For all these reasons, the presentation was not only a fashion show, but also a celebration of Regina Romero's mission: to accompany Mexican women on their path, giving them the confidence and pride of owning exceptional shoes. Today, and as a promise for the future, the brand continues to deliver on its promise of offering handmade, 100% leather footwear, with an unwavering focus on comfort and exclusive design.
Regina Romero is a brand whose essence is rich and complex. It is innovative, while embracing the classic; It is elegant and contemporary, it is always renewed based on timelessness. And, if that were not enough, his inheritance comes from a family line that will continue to grow. The members who have been part of the brand have left a deep mark on it. And that is how this event also became consolidated as a special moment to present the third generation of the Romero family that has joined the ranks and that we will know will make history within the brand: Romina and Jorge. Both have contributed their passion and fresh vision, ensuring that tradition and innovation continue to be the pillars of Regina Romero.
Jorge Romero and his children, Romina and Jorge
Jorge and Romina were not the only notable attendees. We also had the presence of renowned fashion figures, such as Cecilia Ramírez from Elle Magazine, Stephany Arouesty from Elle Beaute, and Michelle Ortiz from Noir Magazine, who did not hesitate to praise the attention to detail and the quality of the materials used in this collection.
From tortoiseshell buckles to oversized hardware dipped in satin gold, to delicate tulle and alter-crocos in neon touches, each pair of shoes is a work of art that combines artisanal tradition with innovation that corresponds to our times.
Many more celebrities, press and influencers joined this great celebration. I extend my deepest gratitude and recognize the pleasure of having had the presence of fundamental figures such as Guadalupe Mercado Who , José Luis Antonio Reforma Moda , Cynthia Leppanieni Vanidades Magazine , Jorge Alferes Caras Magazine , Constanza Alcocer Cosmopolitan Magazine , Jessica Pacheco RSVP , Laura Escamilla The Wedding Book , Gaby Cobo Heraldo Televisión , Molen Antolin El Tiempo and Fashion Unit , Karla Aguirre, Fernanda Segura, Ana Luisa Bernardi and Gabriel Villaseñor ItGirl .
The event concluded with a reception where guests were able to interact with Montserrat Vega and the design team, sharing their impressions and enjoying a luxury experience that perfectly reflected the spirit of the Spring Summer 2024 collection.
Regina Romero continues to demonstrate that elegance and exclusivity are more than hallmarks; They are a philosophy of life that transcends time, as it continues to accompany women in their most important memories, creating shoes that transcend time and fashion.
Jorge Romero Reynoso, Romina Romero and Jorge Romero Calzada.
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Alicia Rangel

Sueño con tener mis primeros Regina Romero


Elvia Carreño Velázquez

Felicidades, podrían dar la dirección de la boutique. Saludos


María Amalia Castillo Castellanos

La verdad para mí ha sido una odisea tratar de hacer una compra mi número de zapato muy difícil de encontrar disponible #26 y nunca he podido hacer una compra, la variedad de calzado estupendo, fino y muy elegante aparte también casual, yo soy de Mexicali Baja California y soy seguidora de ustedes, saludos 👌




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