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Gold and Silver: Complementary Dualities.

16 July 2022

Gold and silver are two of the most precious metals in the world. Since ancient times , these metals have been associated with the sun and the moon, respectively. According to classical Greco-Roman mythology , the sun is the territory of Apollo and the moon of Artemis , a pair of twin sons of Zeus and Leto, who personify all dualities .

reginaromero-blog-gold-and-silver-complementary-dualities-Apollo-and-Artemis PIA MODEL

Day and night, masculine and feminine, sun and moon and, of course, gold and silver; Since then, these metals , and the colors that get their name from them, are considered opposites . A dichotomy incapable of coexisting in the same environment... until today.

reginaromero-blog-gold-and-silver-complementary-dualities-CLAUDINE CLAUDINE MODEL

The basic and somewhat old-fashioned styling rules state that these colors cannot be combined , they were basically a taboo.


They also dictated that each of these colors was reserved for different times of the day and, in some manuals , could only be used at night by combining them with very specific shades.

reginaromero-blog-gold-and-silver-complementary-dualities-MODELO-PIA PIA MODEL

Years ago , there was another "good taste" rule that said that metallic shades , specifically gold and silver, were exclusive for special events such as weddings , graduations , dinners and black-tie events in general. Nowadays, with the rise of maximalist design , the use of metallic tones, gold and silver , is more than allowed; even combining them is encouraged .

reginaromero-blog-gold-and-silver-complementary-dualities-ALINE LINE MODEL

These colors symbolize light , due to their close relationship with two of the most important stars for humanity. Whether day or night , gold and silver bring light to any space they occupy.


They reflect confidence , style , playfulness and personality ; whoever uses them projects these qualities in every step they take , why not carry this light with you day by day?

reginaromero-blog-gold-and-silver-complementary-dualities-ANETTE MODEL ANETTE

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https://www.tiovivocreativo.com/blog/arquitectura/design-maximalist/#:~:text=Maximalism%20that%20appears%20as%20trend, eclecticism%2C%20a%20la%20austerity%20minimalist .

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Sonia Sanchez Garcia

Buenas noches soy fans de tus zapatos de tacón bajo y tengo una sugerencia porque no hacer el modelo Masha 40 en estos colores? Sería genial



Me pareció muy interesante esta información, a mi me encantan los zapatos en color dorado creo que es un color que va con todas las tonalidades de piel, por el contrario el plata solo se ve bien para algunas tonalidades, cuál es su opinión ?



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