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The formula of elegance

2 December 2023

When we see a dress or a pair of haute couture shoes, we rarely think about the processes involved: many times, the construction and joining of all the pieces takes months and there are so many and so delicate parts that make it happen. they make up, which are noticeable at every angle and at every step.
Haute couture is achieved with hundreds of meticulous processes, ranging from the selection of materials, pattern making, embroidery, etc.
Of course, it requires great skill and mastery-level experience to obtain a result of this kind.
These pieces are rich in their workmanship and composition; They require impeccable workmanship and high quality materials. This season, the reigning trend has to do with permanence over time, both due to the timelessness and quality of garments and shoes that meet these areas.
Ginny model
As for our subject, footwear, we have believed for many years in fashion that is built little by little, in each fold and whose finishes and quality reveal, to the expert or, at least, curious eye, the essence of wealth. : true luxury.
Models with pleats: Dalila , Mirelle , Miranda and Nicole
Although all our shoes are governed by these principles, there is a series within La Richesse , our new seasonal collection, that is the banner of this powerful balance between slow fashion and discreet luxury: our models with pleats, from flats to elevated ones.

Luisa model

The skin work required to achieve these folds requires a high degree of experience and extreme care. Piece by piece, fold by fold and seam by seam, they are the representation of the processes that in their time reveal their high mastery and quality, which remains over time and is shown as a unique object, a work of art that is treasured by its function and its elegance.

model Nicole

This time also reveals great enjoyment. The joy of making them is delicately combined by the joy of the one who uses them. It is enjoying the process, with all its complexities and discoveries to achieve an indescribable result that captures the gaze and, therefore, the soul of the person who wears footwear of this kind.
Our models Mirelle , Luisa and Dalila in mint color
A work of this magnitude is also a counterproposal to fast fashion, which represents totally opposite values, with disposable objects and an unsustainable and superficial model: what may look good will soon be over; The lack of quality will soon be revealed and, therefore, its inconsequentiality.
Luisa model
These are not empty pieces, but full of quality, delicacy and mastery that constitute the new formula of elegance: fashion made to last, for its design and quality that adds to a luxury whose silence is the most powerful voice of all, because It says everything just by showing it, without shouting: its qualities and essence are imposed on the gaze and the passage of decades.
Delilah model
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