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InStyle: “Vintage is the new cool”, September 2019.

7 September 2019

Regina Romero was a pioneer of fashion in Mexico and founded her shoe brand under the same name in 1974. Her revolutionary drive and great business vision have made this firm a benchmark in the footwear industry, and now it reinvents itself to adapt to the style demands of today's woman.

With more than two million pairs of shoes sold in the last 40 years, Regina Romero has transformed itself to conquer the most demanding tastes that seek comfort and great design in their footwear, but without losing the essence and quality that characterize their products. .

“The history of the brand is based on feminine power. Regina Romero arrives from Tabasco to Mexico City and detects a business opportunity; Together with her husband, who used to tan kid, they decide to use the leftover goat skin to make fine shoes. Thus, they travel to Italy for a few months and learn from the most prestigious European manufacturers; Upon returning, they pass on their knowledge to Mexican artisans and, in a short time, they found the company,” says Sabrina Herrera, General Director.

Since then, they have distinguished themselves thanks to their designs and, of course, their highly durable materials, which today become relevant by making timeless and less disposable pieces. "We are committed to raw materials that are kind to the feet, that provide them with comfort every time they wear our shoes," says Sabrina.

And there is nothing worse than a shoe that hurts, no matter how cool and trendy it may be, and under this premise, the firm's collections are created, as suggested by Jorge Romero, Director of Operations: "We make shoes of high quality leather, we also use Italian materials to create comfortable silhouettes that, over the years, remain in good condition.”

However, in addition to being a traditional company, it is redefining its standards, adhering to world fashion trends and drawing inspiration from the proposals presented on the Fashion Week catwalks. "We are at a point where we want to surprise our most regular customers and win over a much younger audience that is looking for unique pieces," says Jorge. And to achieve this, for some seasons they have been working with Montserrat Vega, Artistic Director, who has worked for Christian Dior, Alexander Wang and Elie Saab.

“We are rediscovering ourselves, we are versatile, timeless and durable. The recent lines are an awakening and a current proposal based on the vision of an empowered woman who is capable of embracing change without losing her spirit.

I am doing a gradual and gradual renewal to respect those who have followed us for more than 30 years, but I am taking risks with new colors, textures and adapting vintage details to modern and minimalist designs. I look for the latest fashion show trends and make a reinterpretation that is much more adapted to the Mexican market, and, above all, I think of different styles that suit the most exquisite feminine tastes”, declares the designer.

There is no excuse not to enlarge your shoe collection, because yes, they are never enough.

.- Janet Varas for InStyle.

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Me encanta que sea una empresa Mexicana de renombre Internacional.


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Elegantísimos y cómodos sus modelos me encantan



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