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Style Guide: FW23 Loafers

28 November 2023

by Mishiko García

Trends, styles and needs evolve together. Today we are very far from thinking that elegance and sophistication can only be sustained in heels. Women's lives have been changing dramatically in recent years, making them prioritize comfort, but always with a delicate balance of modernity and classic style.
Carina model
For all those who love to feel comfortable and modern, but always with a touch of timelessness, loafers are necessary and irreplaceable. The silhouette of this type of footwear has also undergone a process of evolution, becoming one of the best options for all women. Since the 90's, these shoes have been the perfect mix of comfort and good taste, as they are perfect for any occasion and transform any outfit. Here we give you five ways to use them!
Lady Di is a great example of the timelessness of this type of footwear. Cora and Ginny models

Color accents

Judy model
Basic loafer silhouettes offer a limitless advantage of possibilities. Bright colors or deep textures fit harmoniously with this type of shoes to give a unique touch to your outfit and transform everyday life into pure elegance.

Classic combinations

Penny model
Many times, balancing neutral colors is the key to a timeless, elegant and unforgettable look. A loafer silhouette combined with a balance of colors in our garments will give rise to an unforgettable outfit, whether casual or formal.
Corina model

Monochromatic looks

Luana model and Colette bag
Another very practical way to style everyday outfits without losing style is to let yourself be carried away by monochromes. The shoes, in this case, can be discreet and sophisticated, as if they blend into your outfit; and, if you want to take a risk, add a sensual note with a slingback.

Prominent silhouettes

Cony model
You can also turn these undisputed allies into the protagonists of your outfits. Some high-level ornaments, such as hardware, will transform these simple shoes into the fundamental piece of your outfit, making it spectacular.
Aline model

Total power

Lua model
Although moccasins are shoes with very clean and simple silhouettes, there are details that can elevate them to evoke strength and sophistication. The square toe will always make the most casual outfit powerful, but don't be afraid to add fabrics with textures or prints to make your mark even deeper.
Cora model

As you can see, with this style guide you can build incredible looks that have it all: they are pragmatic for your daily life, comfortable, elegant and always with a touch of style and elegance that no one will be able to stop looking at, whether you choose A simple combination with jeans or takes the sophistication to its highest point.
Ruby model

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Maribel Díaz Romero

Hola bonito día! A mí en especial siempre me han gustado los mocasines, pero los modelos de Regina Romero, me super encantan!



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