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The Incomparable Aroma of the Skin

3 October 2020


Smell is as important as sight when choosing. The aromas are evocative of memories and emotions. A single smell can transport us to memories of our childhood .

The smell of leather reminds me of that occasion, when I was 7 years old and accompanied my father for the first time to the "Cuauhtémoc" tannery, which he had in partnership with my uncle Juan Romero many years ago.

I was impressed by the huge wooden drums that rotated the leather endlessly for more than 24 hours.

The whole process was fascinating to me.

And without a doubt, what I remember most about that day was when the workers took out and spread the skin on some large tables and the first thing I noticed was that particular aroma of leather.

Over the years, when I finished my preparation as an industrial engineer and already dedicating myself fully to the manufacture of shoes, my senses jumped between new colors and textures, and always, the most pleasant thing is that unmistakable smell of leather .

That is why at Regina Romero we always try to ensure that the leather of our shoes is the least processed so that when you open your box, there is that connection between the smell of leather and luxury footwear .


Since we tan and dye the leather (processes made with aniline and vegetable dyes) we do so thinking of maintaining all the qualities that distinguish leather, including its aroma.

We want to keep the genuine identity of the leather as intact as possible.

When they cut the shoes are glued and assembled, the smell of the skin accompanies us in all the processes to create special footwear .



Today many brands want to imitate authenticity at any cost.

There are studies that indicate that aromas are manifestations of our identity.

To achieve that connection with the senses, they decide to add a "natural leather" flavoring to their products to give the customer that feeling that it is a quality product. We don't do that . That aroma so characteristic of Regina Romero is completely real.

And it is the part that ends, in a unique way, an entire shopping experience with us.

When you buy a pair of Regina Romero shoes and open their iconic pink box, take a moment to appreciate the incomparable scent of leather.


It is a magical experience, since it keeps all the secrets of a great family tradition.

From the tanning of the skin to the assembly of each shoe, 100% handmade by great Mexican shoemakers .

Personally, I am grateful every day to be able to work on what I am passionate about. Because when you leave everything of yourself in a beautiful work you can enjoy even the smallest details .



"When I received my Spencers it was like opening a Christmas present!!! The smell, the color, the details... and when I tried them on!!! They exceeded my expectations... Congratulations , keep preserving that art of good footwear!!!"

"The shopping experience on instagram was excellent, the whole process was very simple and the best thing was delivery on the same day!
The amazing shoes with that smell of new shoes that only leather ones have.
I love both models and they look very beautiful on."

" Definitely a beautiful trade, I know the whole process perfectly. From going to the fur shop to buy the decimeters of kid or calf to the decoration of the shoe. My dad is a retired shoemaker because he is 74 years old. His images remind me of my childhood and my youth, full of textures, colors and the smell of skin."

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Paty Medina

Excelente artículo mil gracias por darnos que leer y sobre todo de algo tan importante como la piel. Lo que ustedes nos dan es algo muy importante ya que para una servidora es algo MUY IMPORTANTE llevar puesto en mis pies algo cómodo y que me de la satisfacción de poder traerlos hasta 12 horas sin cansarme, siempre he cuidado mis pies y los de mi hija y ahora cuido los pies de mis 2 princesas (mis nietas) y repito gracias por lo que ustedes nos hacen llegar ya que lo que publican es algo real y el costo no es tan alto para la calidad y confort que nos ofrece su calzado.



Hola buenos días, un excelente calzado, material, una maravillosa comodidad a los pies, una exquisita presencia de calzado felicidades por tan maravilloso trabajo saludos



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