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Metallic Future

28 January 2023

The beginning of the year gives us the opportunity to begin analyzing the new trends that the upcoming Spring-Summer season is preparing for us. The fashion week shows, in cities around the world, give us a taste of the garments that will flood the windows in the coming months .

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The main trends occupy a wide spectrum ranging from denim to outer lingerie , however, today we want to focus on a specific one that affects both materials , colors and silhouettes . That's right, we are talking about "metal" .


sonic model

Since last year, a revival of metallic colors could be seen coming, mainly gold and silver tones, as well as some deep colors such as purple or jade , but with the sparkle of the metallic finish . However, fashion this year decided to fully immerse itself in the metal fever , creating completely metallic pieces , from chains to rigid structures that simulate armor .

reginaromero-blog-metallic-future-PIA pia model

One of the pioneers in this trend was Tom Ford , who in September 2020 debuted the already iconic pink breastplate worn by Zendaya and Gwyneth Paltrow on the catwalk. The spring-summer 2023 collections of many designers, such as Marques Alemeida, LaQuan Smith, Bevza, Loewe and Gabriela Hearst, present their own adaptations of this trend .

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There are also much more extravagant pieces that show an idea of ​​the future seen from the past and with clear influences ranging from medieval armor , as is the case with Dolce & Gabbana, to a future in space seen from the nineties, as with JW Anderson. and Sportmax, or completely imagined silhouettes as in the case of Noir Kei Ninomiya.

reginaromero-blog-metallic-future-CHANTAL mon model chantal model

And it's not that last year we didn't see glitter: everything was full of glitter , sequins and sparkling beads . The difference with the trends that we will see this year is in the vindication of metal as a creative material ; using chains or coins to create complete outfits .

reginaromero-blog-metallic-future-CALIPSO calypso model

The color silver takes on a new role by becoming the new tone for It girls, being more challenging than black, but more discreet than gold. Despite this, gold maintains an important place thanks to the fascination of several designers who incorporate it in an almost liquid texture in their collections, creating a liquid gold effect when dressing .

reginaromero-blog-metallic-future-VEGA vega model

Without a doubt, this year's trends still suffer from the post-pandemic effect defined by a search for styles that catch the eye in a second . We will see many superficial decorations such as 3D flowers , fringes and feathers and, without a doubt, vibrant and neon colors from the most striking spectrum of the color wheel.

reginaromero-blog-metallic-future-CALIPSO calypso model

2023 will be an interesting year for fashion . Don't be afraid to combine trends and incorporate different materials into your outfits and remember, for extra glamour , opt for metal in all its presentations .

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Fortuna Levi Rosas

Encantadora y hermosa la colección primavera-verano 2023, la creatividad, vanguardia, comodidad y elegancia se reúnen en cada uno de los modelos, MUCHAS FELICIDADES!!!!



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