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The Fetish Character of Shoes.

9 April 2021

Often the word " fetish " is related to sexual perversions, even for many the subject is a taboo.


The fetish – like everything in this life – is only negative if it falls into excess, but it is also a fascinating place that involves relating to things in an exchange way.


Karl Marx, in Capital , spoke of fetishes with a concept product of his creation which he called Warenfetischismus –the fetishism of merchandise– that explained in a very illustrative, even didactic way, how and why the relationship between products occurs and the money that is acquired with it; relationship that begins at the moment of the seduction that an object exerts on us, until the sublime moment in which we buy it.


Fetishism, in general terms –and not only in Marxist terms–, is related to alienation, where objects come to life and take the place of another person: we humans weave interpersonal relationships and love, fear, tenderness, jealousy, pride, competition, admiration, respect, faith, affinity or its opposite; sense of humor, anger and forgiveness…feelings and emotions that are characteristic of animated beings, but that we humans deposit in objects giving them a life that they, due to their nature as things, lack: that is the true meaning of the fetish: mobile of emotions and actions that are generated in an object, which can be from a religious emblem that is adored, protected and believed, even a pair of shoes.


In the countless range of objects that arouse fetishes, shoes top the list. We love shoes and they are much more than a piece of skin that protects the feet: shoes are an extension of our personality. In them we deposit our character and everything we want to tell about who we are.


Shoes not only carry the fetish of the lover who removes them to devour female feet and love the goddess who wears them ( some prefer that the shoes be the only thing that remains on at the moment of seduction and the consummation of love ) .


We also have a loving and fantasy relationship with footwear, which leads us to pamper our shoes and protect them from the world, as if we feel their tiredness after having taken thousands of steps during the day (or night): we keep them looking for all the ways to avoid inflicting injuries when handling them.


We gently place them in their pink box marked with the Regina Romero emblem, making an art of geometry to find the angle at which they do not rub against each other, nor do their straps bend, nor do their fine skin hurt when close the box We cover them with white butter paper; finally, instead of a kiss, we put the lid back on and return them to their hallowed place in the closet.


When you are questioned about buying more and more shoes, it will be necessary to evoke Marx with the Warenfetichismus to explain that in the exquisite world of fetishes, shoes are leather loves that share the soul with whoever wears them: each pair has its history , his character, his occasions and his personality; just as no love is the same as the others we profess, no pair is the same or similar to the ones we already have and that we love as much as all those who rest in our closets.


Much less are those that we yearn to have and that will arrive with each exquisite collection of Regina Romero, the creator of the most elegant fetish and capable of awakening many more emotions than just something that protects the feet.

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