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Authentic or Synthetic Patent Leather?

22 March 2023

There is a lustrous material par excellence that stands out among all the others: patent leather. And although we can all now have access to it in various products - jackets, bags, shoes -, at first it was an exclusive and inaccessible material for the majority.

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A symbol of formality, elegance and, in some cases, even extravagance, patent leather began to be tested in the 1700s, but it was not until 1819 when its wide use was achieved thanks to the inventor Seth Boyden, who patented an effective method for its treatment and it was like this how it was achieved that these shoes resistant to water and mud were no longer just a matter of aristocratic balls, but also reached soldiers' boots and school shoes.


This democratization led to a more widespread use of the material and, little by little, to the creation of its cheaper and synthetic versions, in contrast to all those who continued to manufacture this material as a product for artisanal use.

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In many of our blogs we have already told you about the many advantages that authentic materials, such as leather, have over synthetic ones. And patent leather could not be the exception. As it is genuine leather, it will retain its advantages: it will provide ventilation to your feet, it will be flexible, comfortable and durable.

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Authentic patent leather is nothing more than cow leather that has been given a treatment that makes it capable of receiving a shiny varnish, the special quality of which prevents it from cracking when deposited on flexible materials such as leather. This process makes it a material of great aesthetic value from its manufacture.

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And, of course, there is a synthetic version. Without a doubt, it is much cheaper, like all materials in this class, but it has severe disadvantages. Their finishes are not so good and this shows in the not so long term.


The first is its workmanship. For mass production, the procedures involve chemicals that are harmful to those in charge of manufacturing and to the environment. In addition, its low cost is much more expensive in the end, since synthetic patent leather is much harder, but not durable. It will take less than a year of use for the first cracks to begin to appear on this material and they will be irreparable; It will only be possible to give them some touch-ups and a certain shine.


And the latter is essential: the shine of authentic patent leather cannot be completely imitated. Its liquid texture stands out, but does not dazzle. The final finish of an original patent leather transmits softness and shine, it is impressive, beautiful and long-lasting. A synthetic patent leather shines, but it will lose its shine and qualities little by little.

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In recent years, patent leather has taken on an impressive force in fashion collections and even in the tastes of younger generations. Its shine and elegance make it a desirable material to create incredible outfits. Use it and give a fresh and original touch to your combinations but always, always prefer quality.

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