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9 September 2023

Interview with Katya Echazarreta

Every achievement in life comes from a dream. Dreams are the first outline of the future, their starting point for creation. All success arises from a first image and it is our efforts that will bring them to the earthly plane.
reese model
It was precisely a dream that gave rise to our brand. My mother, Regina Calzada de Romero, is the ideal example of a dreamer who brought all her desires to reality. She was the first Mexican woman to create a fashion brand that will bear her name. She not only achieved her dream, but she was the first to achieve it, before many people who may have wanted the same thing.
Achieving our dreams is touching the stars of our own universe. That's why today, we want to present to you the interview that my daughter and I did with Katya Echazarreta, who at just 27 years old, is the first Mexican woman who has literally reached the stars. It is an honor to have spoken with the first astronaut from our country who has traveled to space and a true honor that she is passionate about our brand.
Wearing our Melanie boots and wearing a purple outfit which curiously is the color related to the dreamlike , we were impressed with the warmth and vision of Katya, who transformed the interview into an unforgettable conversation, but…
model melanie
Jorge.- Who is Katya Echazarreta?
Katya.- The first thing I have to say about myself is that I made the decision to travel to space when I was seven years old. I came to NASA thanks to two national scholarships and one provided by my university, UCLA. This is my number one dream. I studied electronic engineering, but while there I wanted to be an astronaut. The most incredible thing about this is that I was chosen among 7,000 people from all over the world for a space mission. This process took three years, since I applied in 2019.
Romi.- What did you feel when you applied?
Katya.- I didn't feel that this was determined for me; I did it without knowing. I said to myself: “I'm going to try it.” It's going to be my first time of many.” At the time I didn't understand how big this was.
Jorge.-What did it mean to be the first Mexican woman to be accepted?
Katya.- For me, this was transcendental. I later discovered that this would make me a role model for many people, which is a great responsibility. It is knowing that many boys and girls will want to become what you achieved.
Romi.- (happy and more excited than her own question) And what was the most exciting thing?
Katya.- When living the experience of a launch you realize many things. You think about what it means for you, for Mexicans and for humanity. I have never traveled so high, and I know that the majority of humanity does not have the opportunity to see it, to experience what I am experiencing.
The transfer is radical. When you go up and everything transforms from sky blue to black, it's already happening. You go into shock; your mind does not understand what is happening. Seeing a planet for the first time is such a shocking thing. You don't think, you just feel everything and nothing. It's a unique experience, you don't know how to react. Everything floats, the blood rises and you have a perspective effect , a psychological effect that occurs when you see planet Earth from the outside.
Romi.- Did you come back different?
Katya.- (emits a deep yes after a sigh and responds): The way in which you now dare to do and say things is different. I am myself, but I am someone else. I think about Katya until I was 26, and I know that I am different now, but I have not stopped being me.
Jorge.- Sure. It's putting your feet back on the Earth. We think of fashion as something different; Putting your feet on the ground must be something different. How do you see fashion?
Katya.- I have been fascinated by fashion since I was a child, I wore what I wanted, breaking the mold. I always dared to use different things. I remember a typical 15th birthday party for a cousin, where my radical outfit, with cargo pants, gloves, boots and pigtails stood out among my family's traditional outfits.
windsor model
Jorge.- And what makes Katya turn around in her shoes?
Katya.- I always look for different versions. On a daily basis, I prefer more comfortable shoes. If they have something chunky, they fascinate me. (Someone discreetly brings our Love model to him) .
love model
I love the purple color. For events - of which there are many - I look for a more elevated look. At conferences, for example, a nice pair of chunky heels, and for an award ceremony, definitely some platforms.
Katya points to one of our models, stating that she has already used it and Romi, smiling, says: Patricia.
Patricia model
Jorge.- There are two seasons in fashion: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. Which is your favorite and why?
Katya.- Autumn! I love wearing sweaters, boots and sneakers. Plus, I love fall colors.
Katya holds several models from our FW23 Collection
Jorge.- Your knowledge about space could create some ideas about shoes. If you could design some to go on your missions, what would the textures, colors or style be?
Katya.- You won't believe it, but I would love to design because I love fashion. When I went to school and missions, my outfit was very basic.
For missions I would love to focus on chunky sneakers, with bright and cheerful colors.
charlie model
Even white tennis shoes; whatever makes me feel comfortable, what I use the most and what they let me do my activities. I also like leather and patent leather, but not just any patent leather, it has to look good. I love crazy shoes, from loafers to platforms, a little bit of everything and the approach I use them with. I have a purple jacket that I love, I could start there...
Katya wears our Helena model
We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with an incredible woman who is an example and an inspiration for Mexico.
Finally, Katya has left a mark in our history as a country, in our hearts and in our brand: one of the models in our future Spring Summer 2024 Collection will bear her name. Wait for it!
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Una entrevista genial. Ella es una gran mujer y digna de muchísima admiración, me encanto como describió el momento en que sale del planeta. No dudo que pronto ella haga una colaboración o se haga un modelo en su inspiración


Connie Pérez

Imposible no sentirse orgullosos de presencias como esta joven exitosa, me encanta cómo porta sus modelos Regina Romero, símbolo de confort, calidad y buen gusto! Sin duda es un ejemplo de que puedes lograr todas tus metas y sueños en el ámbito que elijas si tienes el tesón, la visión y la constancia, literalmente, el límite es el cielo!!! ENHORABUENA!


Isabel Gutiérrez

Wow! Qué padre entrevista! Así deberíamos ser todos. Ir tras nuestros sueños a pesar de todo lo que tuviéramos que sortear. Felicidades a Katya y a Regina Romero. Saludos desde Querétaro.




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