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Parisian fashion.

22 April 2021

We have always been seduced by French fashion . Over the decades, this has been a benchmark for achieving a perfect balance between comfort , effortless and elegance . Do you know why? Since the 18th century, Paris has been the cultural scene par excellence. There are few cities that are as fascinating as "The City of Lights". During the Enlightenment it became the metropolis of great modern thinkers , hosting great figures such as Voltaire, Montesquieu, Dideirot and Rousseau.


Later, in the historical period known as La Belle Époque (1870-1914 ca), Paris was the home of the most outstanding artists of the time. By the end of the First World War, this emblematic city received countless artists , mostly American writers, becoming a cultural, artistic and social hotbed .


In the 1920s , the mix of artists that this city facilitated culminated in the creation of one of the most iconic fashion brands to date, Chanel . The influence of Paris in the world of fashion and the arts is undeniable. It was the world center of art until the 1960s, according to the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. That je ne sais quoi has been around for a long time and never goes out of style .

There have been
many muses that led us to love this style; Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy, Caroline de Maigret, Charlotte Gaisbourg, among others. Image icons All of them were, or are, great inspirations that have always made us want to be like them.


Parisian fashion reinvents the classics and at Regina Romero we will tell you how to look amazing and French .


Nothing better than having clothes and shoes that you can combine with everything . Think of a white t-shirt that you can wear with a jacket , skirts , jeans and your favorite loafers or sneakers . If they are red , the better.


As the name suggests, it's all about looking effortlessly stylish . The quintessential effortless outfit consists of your favorite blue or black jeans , a basic blouse , wool sweaters or trench coats . Of course, it looks perfect with a good pair of loafers .


The French women taught us that we could find spectacular garments in a man's wardrobe and take full advantage of them with a feminine touch . Who said you couldn't do it with shoes too?


The colors of elegance and that always make up the most sought-after style around the world because they are in all basic garments and they fit us all .

Take risks with clothes that you might not dare to combine but will always make you look good. You can give it a more feminine touch with high-heeled sandals or platforms . You can also use footwear with unique touches or spectacular silhouettes .

 Loose hair and flowing dresses will always come in handy and you will look perfect for any moment without being overloaded.

The most important thing to highlight your style with a French touch is that you always feel comfortable and go everywhere full of attitude .

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