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What 2020 left us

26 December 2020

Every new year is an opportunity to improve and grow as people. It is a good time to set goals, goals and leave bad habits behind . When this year began, 2020 , we were full of illusions . No one imagined what fate had in store for us. We did not expect to spend most of our time at home, nor that we would have to say goodbye to so many activities and loved ones. It seems that this year has had more lows than highs.


However, at Regina Romero we firmly believe that all the situations we face in life, however adverse they may seem, have something to teach us. This year, as atypical as it was, left us with many lessons . We managed to improve in our daily life, work and, also, in the way we relate to others and ourselves. We would like to share some with you.


We learned to appreciate the little things . We have always heard that you have to enjoy the small pleasures of life . But they have never been more important than during the last few months. Enjoying a quieter, simpler life was easy at first and difficult after a few months in lockdown. But finally we managed to find the perfect balance. We also learned to appreciate our spaces such as our house or our room and we understood the importance of having a pleasant place for ourselves.


Not being able to go out, we were forced to deal with things, both physical and mental, that we always postponed out of fear, laziness or simple laziness. This led to both physiological and mental self -knowledge. In our case, we learned to detect signs of stress, tiredness or frustration and attack them at the moment to be better with ourselves. We became aware of our breathing and the energy we radiate , both positive and negative. So we can decide which one we want to transmit. For our part, we always choose to contribute good things to those around us.


Also, we discovered that a well-deserved break is just as important as work . It's okay to want to be calm and give us time for ourselves. Pampering ourselves and pampering ourselves is part of our well-being. Everyday acts like cooking, became a ritual to show love. This year was complicated for everyone and, for this reason, we have managed to stop minimizing the efforts we make . There were days when our mind and body could only focus on surviving; we learned to deal with it.

It's always a good time for love . With so much time to reflect, we discover the benefits of listening to our hearts. The expression “all in” used in poker exemplifies many of the feelings of this 2020. Just as several people decided to take the next step in their relationships, a few others decided to stop pretending that something was working when it was not. Assertiveness became essential to reconcile our emotions. Being clear is a difficult skill to master , but we think we're on the right track.


This year we reinvent ourselves . We discover versions of ourselves that we didn't know. Facets that at another time would have seemed totally contrary to us but that today we manage to harmonize within each one. It is good to know the dimensions of our personality. This gives us flexibility for day to day. Now more than ever it is important to be able to adapt to circumstances . The world is changing faster than ever and it won't stop waiting for us.

And so, with so many new skills and knowledge, we say goodbye to another year . Not without first thanking those who accompanied us on this journey. The ones who helped us grow when we needed it most. They gave us comfort and support on difficult days and those who escorted us on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to our families, friends, work and life colleagues for another year that we were able to share our experiences with you.

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