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Zapatero Interview with Shark. Pt1

20 February 2021

It is normal that when starting a business or project we have many doubts . Whether or not our venture is successful will depend on the effort and time we invest in it. Despite this, we know that the business world is imposing and can seem scary. They say that to survive in the business world you have to be a shark .


In this interview we talk to Rodrigo Alonso Herrera Aspra , a Mexican businessman, business consultant and star participant in the program Shark Tank: Mexico . Last year Rodrigo was named one of the 300 most influential businessmen in the country . In this article, Rodrigo tells us some of his predictions for the fashion market in Mexico, the importance of established brands , and some advice for those looking to start a business .

1. Mexico is a super diverse and rich country, in terms of culture, traditions and resources. Do you think this can give the local market an advantage over the transnational market?
RH : Sure! Mexico has a lot of cultural richness. One of the most important parts that the Mexican has is ingenuity, dedication and detail in workmanship; when he is trained and has a trade. However, today one of the problems we face is that in terms of technology, we have a " gap" , we are behind.


There are other countries, the United States, Europe, Asia, that are more advanced than us in technology. But the well-learned trades here in Mexico, such as shoemakers, to give an example, plus creativity and ingenuity, is something where there should be no competition from anyone.

JRC : What I have noticed is that when people have a job, they become passionate and do it with a lot of love and affection. That is always an advantage.

2. What would be your advice for young and not so young people who are thinking of starting a business or who have just started their company?
RH :

The first thing is that they have a definite idea, but the idea alone is not enough to become entrepreneurs and start a business. Who starts a business is because they are willing to specialize and be the best in the world ; but really from the world.

You cannot think of dedicating yourself to making tableware, if you are not going to make the best tableware in the world. So, you have to specialize in how porcelain, glass, different materials, molds, casting, painting work, you have to be a specialist.


In addition to specializing, they have to be willing to suffer.

Beyond the resources you have, or not, what you need to invest the most is time.

At the beginning, a business needs many hours of dedication.

Since there is the specialization in the technique and, later, in practice , it must also be something that you are passionate about .

That every day when you wake up at 6 in the morning to work, be out of passion and carry a mission greater than yourself.


3. In Mexico there are few brands, 100% Mexican, that have 30 years or more of experience in their own market. Why do you think it is important to keep them?
RH :

I believe that it is only important to preserve brands that are 30 years old or 50 years old or 20 years old, as long as they self-invent and self-renew .

Otherwise they are not worth keeping. Now, the most beautiful thing that exists is to see a brand that has many years of tradition and is also innovative .

The same thing happens when we see an older person who has remained current, fresh and active; because he takes care of himself, because he exercises, because he has an interesting conversation, because he has been able to wisely integrate and transform his experiences with what is happening in the world today , etc. It is amazing to meet and talk to such a person. A brand with many years of reputation and tradition that knows how to renew and reinvent itself over time has the same effect.

So a brand with innovation and many years is a brand that is nice to see.


4. Following the line of the last question, what are the strengths and weaknesses that you see in these brands with so many years of experience? What would you say what these brands should focus on?
RH :

Brands that have been on the market for several years have a great weakness.

As they already have a captive market, some become passive in terms of innovation.

But they have a great opportunity and that is that they have this part of "a good memory".

If the brand exists after so many years, something good has been done by this brand. You have the great opportunity to surprise customers with the heritage of the brand and the fascination of innovation .

Basically, innovation in heritage brands. There is nothing more beautiful than a brand of many years that you see something innovative. It is the most beautiful thing there is.


5. This year that has just ended was very complicated for most companies and this one that is beginning, according to experts, does not look promising. In your expert opinion, do you have any predictions for the fashion market in Mexico for this 2021?


RH :

Yes, I do have predictions.

My prediction is that whoever is worried about what is happening in the world is going to do badly.

And, those who are focusing that energy with positivity in their business will do well.

For us at Genomma Lab , the years that have gone best for us were the years of crisis.

One was in 2009, which was just after the US real estate market crashed, and this year just ended.

So, stop looking at the environment and focus on your business

Are there going to be fashion businesses that are going to go wrong? Yes, there are going to be some businesses that are going to do terrible. But there will also be other businesses that are going to do extraordinarily

Which one will do well? Whoever is focused on innovating , which one is going to go wrong? to those who start looking for justifications of why they are doing badly.

6. We know you like fashion. We also know that fashion is an indicator of new trends, from economic to business. Regina Romero, being a fashion company, what do you think we should focus on?
RHA: I think they should focus on complying with the following three aspects:

  1. Make it something you are passionate about doing.

  2. Have a competitive advantage to do so.

  3. Make it something that has the wow factor . Something that when people see it they say “Wow I didn't expect this from this brand! I was surprised for good."

If they do these three things, I think success is much more likely and almost guaranteed.


7. According to the RAE, the term "empowerment" refers to the growth of mind and soul. They are a series of processes through which the participation of generally disadvantaged individuals and communities is increased. Do you consider that the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises contributes to empowerment?
RH :

The creation of small and medium enterprises contributes to many things more than just empowerment.

They contribute to 90% of the jobs that exist in Mexico, for example.

And this is the most important thing and it will be more and more important. So, you have to empower those companies .

Everything is finally coming back to being done in communities and in these small businesses.

Every time there is a very large consolidation, small and medium-sized companies must be encouraged.

It is the most important of the economic ecosystem both in Mexico and throughout the world.


This was the first part of the interview with Rodrigo.

Next week we will share the second half of our talk with him, where he shares his tips for

  • Recognize quality articles;
  • How to balance work life and private life,
  • He recommends us some of his favorite books.
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Lorena Miranda

Excelente entrevista a un gran personaje de los negocios y ser humano. Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos e ideas, son de mucha ayuda. Muchas felicidades Regina Romero 🎉


Araceli resendiz

Gracias por la entrevista ,nos da mucho gusto conocer gente que tenga una visión de los negocios y comparta sus conocimientos ,el si se puede tener un negocio y salir adelante ,gracias y felicidad por su empresa Regina


Concepción Torres Guerrero

Que padre que sigan trabajando y innovando nuevas creaciones de unos excelentes productos de calidad y mexicanos Felicidades !!




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