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Classic Beauty: Fashion's Lost Generation.

28 June 2021

By: Mishiko Garcia

When the First World War ended, a group of American writers went into self-exile to Paris and remained there for a little over a decade. This particular group of intellectuals is known as The Lost Generation. The term is attributed to Gerturde Stein, but was popularized by Hemingway in his novel Paris Was a Party . Among the most notable figures of this generation, in addition to Hemingway and Stein, are Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, TS Eliot, Jean Rhys, Ezra Pound and Sylvia Beach.


Over the years, this group of people has been the subject of much interest, in part because of the notoriety of their works, their flamboyant personalities, and their connections to different art circles. The fascination with these characters is such that in 2011 Woody Allen released a film based on them: Midnight in Paris . In the film you can see the relationships that the authors maintained among themselves and with other important figures such as Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso.


The aesthetics of the 20's and especially of the lost generation is one of the most characteristic, iconic and recognizable. This visuality is wrapped in a bubble of hope and avant-garde.


In the novel The Beautiful and the Damned , by F. Scott Fitzgerald, beauty comes down to Earth and is embodied in a peculiar character, Gloria Gilbert. It seems that at this time, beauty lived among us and now we only have images of her dress and shoes.


In fact, the women who belonged to the lost generation are considered the main visual references of fashion during these years. Many of her outfits were directly influenced by Coco Chanel, who also lived in Paris during those years and rubbed shoulders with other artists. Since we love this aesthetic, we love to imagine what models women of this time would have worn. Immerse yourself in this era of splendor, elegance and beauty.

ZELDA FITZGERALD reginaromero-blog-classic-beauty-the-lost-generation-of-fashion-Zelda-Fitzgerald Nicknamed by her husband as “America's first flapper,” Zelda was a woman of free spirit and unpredictable character, according to several authors who knew her. She was a celebrity, writer and dancer who rose to fame along with her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald.

GERTRUDE STEIN reginaromero-blog-classical-beauty-the-lost-generation-of-fashion-Gertrude-Stein

She was an American writer of poetry, novels, and theater. His work is considered a pioneer in modernist literature because it breaks with the conventional narrative of linear time. She was the oldest member of the lost generation and a mentor to many of them; She was an intelligent, wise woman with impeccable taste in contemporary art.

JEAN RHYS reginaromero-blog-classic-beauty-the-lost-generation-of-fashion-Jean-Rhys

Author of the novel Wide Sargasso Sea , a book that works as a prequel to the classic Jane Eyre. Jane Rhys was one of the most famous writers of the 20th century, her romantic and decolonial perspective gave a twist to contemporary literature.

SYLVIA BEACH reginaromero-blog-classic-beauty-the-lost-generation-of-fashion-Sylvia-Beach

One of the most important editors during the decades of the 20's and 30's. Sylvia was a conservative, ambitious and brilliant business woman. She was the first to edit and publish James Joyce's novel Ulysses. She was the owner of the Shakespeare and Company bookstore , where the writers we already mentioned met regularly.

COCO CHANEL reginaromero-blog-classic-beauty-the-lost-generation-of-fashion-Coco-Chanel

Fashion pioneer Coco Chanel is one of the most important figures of the 20th century. Her innovative designs freed the female body from ornamental clothing, expressing the freedom and equality of women in the 20th century, becoming a symbol of the modern woman.

Although at that time there were real and fictitious figures as fashion and beauty references, now we dare to say that we have style guides that make a difference and make each of us elevate our own personality without leaving aside everything that we It has transcended for its elegance and has become a classic, as is Regina Romero, who could be a Gloria Gilbert of this era.

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